HTG Web Site Development

We have a special philosophy about web sites here at HTG. Your web site should  serve you and your purposes without surpassing the resources you have allocated to the project .  Our range of products allow you to be as hands on, or as hands off, as you want to be.  We offer two categories of websites. Choose a product category from the selections below to learn more about each of the options we provide!

Standard Web Design

This first category caters to customers who need a basic setup that will remain generally static over long periods of time.  These types of sites are typically capbable of being produced very rapidly with minimal demand on your time resources.  Sites in this category are great for the following:

  • Banner Sites
  • Single email communication forms
  • Small E-Commerce sites
  • Placeholder sites

Web Site Design Services

Dynamic Web Design

This second category caters to customers who need a more advanced setup that is dynamic, configurable, or customizable.  These types of sites are great for customers needing:

  • Blogs
  • Customer Data Collection
  • Extensive E-Commerce sites
  • Report generation capabilities
  • Mailing lists
  • Front end editing capabilities

Dynamic Web Site Development