HTG Web Site Services

We have a special philosophy about web sites here at HTG. Your web site should  serve you and your purposes without surpassing the resources you have allocated to the project .  Our range of services allow you to be as hands on, or as hands off, as you want to be.  Choose a service from the selections below to learn more about each of the options we provide!

Your Website is going to need a place to live. Whether you build it yourself or you take advantage of HTG's Web Site Development services, there has to be a server hosting your site to the world. We offer competitive packages for whatever fits your needs. Click the box below to browse through the feature sets we make available to our hosting customers.

Hosting Services

Need someone to build your site for you? There are all kinds of reasons to enlist professionals to build your Website for you. It could range from not having the time to needing an expert to provide the quality and features you require. Whatever the reason, we're just happy you're here. Click the box below to learn more about the types of Website development packages we offer.

Web Site Design and Development

What happens after my site is built? Who maintains the site is entirely up to you! You can manage the site yourself or you can take advantage of our cost-cutting value add maintenance packages. Again, we provide many options that are designed to allow you everything ranging from full hands on administration to no administration whatsoever! Click the box below to see the services provided by our "Hosting and Maintenance Packages."

Maintenance and Management Services